Thursday, January 22, 2015

Salt in the morning

A rooster crows. And I read a news feed advertising a difficulty awakening to be an easily identifiable like able attribute. As if turtle dust will build anything more than a transportable house which reduces intimacy. I have been too lazy lately to win any races. My hare nature has only looked at the tortoise and having read ahead. I know that inevitably the tortoise will win. But I don't understand the tortoise. I want to breed like rabbits, and that seems to have worked out to be true.

Tortoise envy... they live to be old. And she, my turtle dust wife, ......(who I am equating this illustration to, about the tortoise and the hair running together) ..... she comments on the old tile which surrounds us and when she says
That when she says that the tile looks old. She doesn't see this as a bad word.. so I guess I don't need to fear reality television which encourages ripping out the old to start again.... maybe old doesn't always have to be vintage, or antique. Maybe old can be a goal instead of something to run against.

I spy an essential oil in her carry on and it reads immortal.  Why did I see that when I am waxing philosophical about age.

F+×÷ like bunnies and let your young be what carries in your name.. run hard.. then rest.......? Turtle philosophy has got me scratching my head and uncomfortable in my own skin.

I'm rabbit trailing... lol but this hare is married to a tortoise and I want to figure out how to share a portable home....and she is taking forever to get out the door for breakfast......

I got up at the crack of dawn and ran... I cleared my head and discovered.. I stripped down to nothing and jumped into the water and then realized the terror of impending peril which only hard rock under me and powerful waves approaching.

It was simply the return to my wife still in bed that made me want to understand her better and to share her thick skinned home. The solitude that I thought about on the run involved a love of the tundra and desire to embrace that.

Because this rabbit can't rest in between running before the finish line.. true I have the laziness. But my mind can't truly relax when I know the outcome of the race. 

And my marriage to a tortoise means that no matter how hard I push or pull. The tortoise won't move any faster... especially since she is carrying another offspring........

At least I can feel at home running around in circles since I am on an island for a week. 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Unfinished memories

Its doesn't seem possible to have an unfinished memory.

This is written by voice to text. With a Dada esque / dad ..uh. es. Q.
While I waste time waiting to go on the road to enjoy culture.
Waste of time.
Mine... but I smile while making it.
Yours if you read it and it amuses you.
....... I'm a ramblin. Man.

As I describe how to spell Lion to Caxton my 5 year old.
He says elephants that should be an easy one. Because elephants never forget that's one of the reasons why I thought I had big ears.
What do you think comes after the Ian elephant that makes an L ol sound.
Because sometimes pH also makes an F sound. As I attempt to inspire my son To become a doctor so he can see the bones inside of people when he cuts the mall open.
If I tried to get a pH and the deed to follow that I would get enough. An F.....
And if you think about an ant an aunt can lift something larger than him. No an aunt can't lift me unless an aunt was larger than and it is. Ant Man is the one who is making the terrible stench that grows and grows to find your Elephants know this. 
If aunt man was bigger and stronger like an elephant because elephants are very heavy is that what you're saying.
Is that the correct memory from my Total Recall over television violence sense of morality.
No he says what do you say Caxton.
Ask fm.
Is TV next.
I apologize to my son for having too much fun with spelling time. Because the idea of a lion reminds me of how old people lie.
No I'm not lying I'm being creative with words .
I appreciate your disbelief because I am indeed oldish now.
Why did I make stinky things.
Not everything that smells bad is audible.
It was a brain fart.
It was art made.
So what is next to spell rhinoceros.
No it is not a W Mr Caxton why.
The first letter in Rhino goes were like you're trying to start an engine.
Rhinos don't make a big stink because they eat plants in vegetables. Who do you think kills people rhinoceros is for Elephants.
Both he says and why is that.

Dead what comes next he says.
It doesn't were.....whir.
You don't think a rhino could cut people in like a doctor?
Sorry I'm distracted because I'm trying not to burn the meat. Is what happens when you get old and you have too many things to do.
Why he says is a good question let me think about memories.
The Horn of a rhino it does start with a dangerous are.
Correct it's in our right.
Is it an eighth like Hulk.
I think so too. i comes next. Now what what does come after I.
No idea indeed.
It starts with the same letter as know.
You have the right now you need to know
. rye.
Rhino 0.
Yes you made a huge off so in. So did your mother this morning.
Misinterpreted Oh is off.
Why did you say oh why did I say O.
That's what she said
Why why did I say 00
00 Cheerios like the holes in my memory.
Is that it in right now service.
Unless your spelling right now service she says.
Misinterpreted holes in my language. lies that have been told to me by memories made up as I go along.
Unfinished memories becomes a game of spelling. While making and burning breakfast.
I and stickers.
Abstract.. ... do not enter symbol of beige and brown tile that my mother does not like.
The satisfaction of overeating at night and a hunger in the morning.....
Hang on I'm getting there she says.
Why it says my inner exterior child. why.
Why do you not know how to spell rhinoceros cause an elephant never forgets.
And the Lion of old age has eaten the meat of the pig of the morning. not use the pig the very big pig
We are packing to go this morning but I forgot.
To grease the heat to alleviate the burning of the meat
And the eggs of beginning.
This is the weekend edition of NPR news of Irish drunken.
Anticipation of forgotten unfinished memories.
Connecting Iowans statewide this is news. citizens of countries unknown and I remembered .
The science why we laugh.
. I ponder on editing my censorship.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Stop light anticipation

My good friend George said that I had some sort of Fame based on having a documentary about me.
This bothers me as much as the capitalized letter fame does as I'm talking to my technological recorder.

I don't desire Fame I simply desire making change.
Because I stop to pick up pennies.
And I stop where two cups of coffee only cost me 53 cents.
Long expensive commute.
Extensive not expensive.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Caxton colors atleast van lines lane orange

It looked like a sea of trailers..

Potential to haul.

Preparing for winter.
Paulie scooped while huntsie scraped.

Mostly brown and white and cold.

Enjoy your movies in the cloud. Means something different on the farm.
We don't farm. We collect.
We distribute.

We build.

We assist.

I'm adapting.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Graf-hick print

Imaginative use of diesel engine as a graf-hick skull with tribal jawbone. -

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The misinterpretation of my art, re-explained

Eleanor and I went out on a date again on monday. Its odd for us to have a baby-sitter who would give us no curfew. So we went all out.

Cover charge, coat checking fee for her. (I live like a starving artist and wore some sweatshirts so I could just move quick in the cold) /; five dollar pbr tall boys.

I started spending my birthday money to travel outside the country. I was testing boundaries on if we could go be crazy together. And we can. Long story short, we are postponing our trip to wait until the baby is weaned. And I will glaze over the details to save my wife the ember harassment that I have always subjected myself to on the internet.

But I still have a Hobbitual tendency.  What with having a youthful propensity to thievery, .....
And damn.
Sam I am.
Married to eleanor.

We kind of have to be drug out to play. And we need a wizard to drag us out on  A quest ...

A couple drunks find my art to be trippy. They think that the coloring outside of the lines is because I do a lot of drugs. I don't bother to tell them that I work with my kids.

I'm making my art to enjoy the imagination of my kids. I started drawing oddities and normalities because I like Caxton and diedrich's influence.

I'm currently getting a large drawing that was inspired and colored by Caxton. Who wants to be a tattoo artist. He told me this after a month of being stuck on the road as a truck driver. And I don't blame him. Moving furniture is exhausting. Being gone wears down the tolerance for b.s. and I wonder sometimes which is worse. Being away or being stuck in one place.

My art is about seeing something difficult to draw and attempting to make it my own. And I realize that I don't get paid for my drawings. That makes it hard to want to invest a lot if time into. So invest a bit at a time. Here and there. And inadvertantly I'm in a different mood when I doodle on that new piece. So it becomes layered with time, emotion, and a strange sense of incongrinuity.

I'm pretty sure I either made that last word up. Or at least that I dint fully realize what it means. But maybe I will get lucky and it will make sense to you.

Friday, December 21, 2012

raining ashes at the end of time

Literally.surrounded in a fog of ashes. small flakes float in the air. i see the reflections as they shimmer in the light. as if exhausted, i scrape away at someones failed attempt to collect insurance money. the previous owner blamed it on the homeless. but as i crawl through a slanted crawlspace in between the ceiling and the roof. i sort through debris of shoes and  robes. few cans.

did they charge a homeless man rent to stay in the space between floors. was he a midget in love who built a special floor for his wife like being john malkovich.

this fish head skull might be a clue into the past.

however im exhausted. i dont believe this to have been an accident from the previous owner. He was shady. the product which i recieved was not what i paid for.  but as i crawl further and further into my ashy  cradle, i try to look on the bright side; but they float into my eyes.

i think about the bright side. i look away to keep the ashes out of my eyes as they float from the heavens.

im not stressed anymore. we know that the baby is a girl, so all going well. i dont need to continue reproducing. The boys will have a good direction for their rough and tough nature. and my wife will be happy. so i wont be rubbing my eyes out of stress.

and im self employed. i have the time to do this. it isnt the busy season for moving or tattooing. so i have nothing else to do. plus todd wants to get to work.

his studies as a philosopher are not lucrative. even if he does get a degree with all straight A's. will he get a job teaching philosophy? i feel bad because he drove all the way out to find me behind schedule. ive never wanted to do this project. and neither does he. he jumps at the opportunity to leave. although he pauses to read the inspirational geek grafitti, acknowledging at he isnt inspired to work due to the slacker era motivational posters encouraging occupation rather than.........having an occupation.

so i crawl alone. i think about the events that i missed because i have the markings of  an adult. i would have shut it down after a couple of hours. that isnt true. i would have let it go for five or six hours. but never 12 hours.