Thursday, January 22, 2015

Salt in the morning

A rooster crows. And I read a news feed advertising a difficulty awakening to be an easily identifiable like able attribute. As if turtle dust will build anything more than a transportable house which reduces intimacy. I have been too lazy lately to win any races. My hare nature has only looked at the tortoise and having read ahead. I know that inevitably the tortoise will win. But I don't understand the tortoise. I want to breed like rabbits, and that seems to have worked out to be true.

Tortoise envy... they live to be old. And she, my turtle dust wife, ......(who I am equating this illustration to, about the tortoise and the hair running together) ..... she comments on the old tile which surrounds us and when she says
That when she says that the tile looks old. She doesn't see this as a bad word.. so I guess I don't need to fear reality television which encourages ripping out the old to start again.... maybe old doesn't always have to be vintage, or antique. Maybe old can be a goal instead of something to run against.

I spy an essential oil in her carry on and it reads immortal.  Why did I see that when I am waxing philosophical about age.

F+×÷ like bunnies and let your young be what carries in your name.. run hard.. then rest.......? Turtle philosophy has got me scratching my head and uncomfortable in my own skin.

I'm rabbit trailing... lol but this hare is married to a tortoise and I want to figure out how to share a portable home....and she is taking forever to get out the door for breakfast......

I got up at the crack of dawn and ran... I cleared my head and discovered.. I stripped down to nothing and jumped into the water and then realized the terror of impending peril which only hard rock under me and powerful waves approaching.

It was simply the return to my wife still in bed that made me want to understand her better and to share her thick skinned home. The solitude that I thought about on the run involved a love of the tundra and desire to embrace that.

Because this rabbit can't rest in between running before the finish line.. true I have the laziness. But my mind can't truly relax when I know the outcome of the race. 

And my marriage to a tortoise means that no matter how hard I push or pull. The tortoise won't move any faster... especially since she is carrying another offspring........

At least I can feel at home running around in circles since I am on an island for a week.