Monday, January 27, 2014

Graf-hick print

Imaginative use of diesel engine as a graf-hick skull with tribal jawbone. -

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The misinterpretation of my art, re-explained

Eleanor and I went out on a date again on monday. Its odd for us to have a baby-sitter who would give us no curfew. So we went all out.

Cover charge, coat checking fee for her. (I live like a starving artist and wore some sweatshirts so I could just move quick in the cold) /; five dollar pbr tall boys.

I started spending my birthday money to travel outside the country. I was testing boundaries on if we could go be crazy together. And we can. Long story short, we are postponing our trip to wait until the baby is weaned. And I will glaze over the details to save my wife the ember harassment that I have always subjected myself to on the internet.

But I still have a Hobbitual tendency.  What with having a youthful propensity to thievery, .....
And damn.
Sam I am.
Married to eleanor.

We kind of have to be drug out to play. And we need a wizard to drag us out on  A quest ...

A couple drunks find my art to be trippy. They think that the coloring outside of the lines is because I do a lot of drugs. I don't bother to tell them that I work with my kids.

I'm making my art to enjoy the imagination of my kids. I started drawing oddities and normalities because I like Caxton and diedrich's influence.

I'm currently getting a large drawing that was inspired and colored by Caxton. Who wants to be a tattoo artist. He told me this after a month of being stuck on the road as a truck driver. And I don't blame him. Moving furniture is exhausting. Being gone wears down the tolerance for b.s. and I wonder sometimes which is worse. Being away or being stuck in one place.

My art is about seeing something difficult to draw and attempting to make it my own. And I realize that I don't get paid for my drawings. That makes it hard to want to invest a lot if time into. So invest a bit at a time. Here and there. And inadvertantly I'm in a different mood when I doodle on that new piece. So it becomes layered with time, emotion, and a strange sense of incongrinuity.

I'm pretty sure I either made that last word up. Or at least that I dint fully realize what it means. But maybe I will get lucky and it will make sense to you.