Saturday, March 15, 2014

Unfinished memories

Its doesn't seem possible to have an unfinished memory.

This is written by voice to text. With a Dada esque / dad ..uh. es. Q.
While I waste time waiting to go on the road to enjoy culture.
Waste of time.
Mine... but I smile while making it.
Yours if you read it and it amuses you.
....... I'm a ramblin. Man.

As I describe how to spell Lion to Caxton my 5 year old.
He says elephants that should be an easy one. Because elephants never forget that's one of the reasons why I thought I had big ears.
What do you think comes after the Ian elephant that makes an L ol sound.
Because sometimes pH also makes an F sound. As I attempt to inspire my son To become a doctor so he can see the bones inside of people when he cuts the mall open.
If I tried to get a pH and the deed to follow that I would get enough. An F.....
And if you think about an ant an aunt can lift something larger than him. No an aunt can't lift me unless an aunt was larger than and it is. Ant Man is the one who is making the terrible stench that grows and grows to find your Elephants know this. 
If aunt man was bigger and stronger like an elephant because elephants are very heavy is that what you're saying.
Is that the correct memory from my Total Recall over television violence sense of morality.
No he says what do you say Caxton.
Ask fm.
Is TV next.
I apologize to my son for having too much fun with spelling time. Because the idea of a lion reminds me of how old people lie.
No I'm not lying I'm being creative with words .
I appreciate your disbelief because I am indeed oldish now.
Why did I make stinky things.
Not everything that smells bad is audible.
It was a brain fart.
It was art made.
So what is next to spell rhinoceros.
No it is not a W Mr Caxton why.
The first letter in Rhino goes were like you're trying to start an engine.
Rhinos don't make a big stink because they eat plants in vegetables. Who do you think kills people rhinoceros is for Elephants.
Both he says and why is that.

Dead what comes next he says.
It doesn't were.....whir.
You don't think a rhino could cut people in like a doctor?
Sorry I'm distracted because I'm trying not to burn the meat. Is what happens when you get old and you have too many things to do.
Why he says is a good question let me think about memories.
The Horn of a rhino it does start with a dangerous are.
Correct it's in our right.
Is it an eighth like Hulk.
I think so too. i comes next. Now what what does come after I.
No idea indeed.
It starts with the same letter as know.
You have the right now you need to know
. rye.
Rhino 0.
Yes you made a huge off so in. So did your mother this morning.
Misinterpreted Oh is off.
Why did you say oh why did I say O.
That's what she said
Why why did I say 00
00 Cheerios like the holes in my memory.
Is that it in right now service.
Unless your spelling right now service she says.
Misinterpreted holes in my language. lies that have been told to me by memories made up as I go along.
Unfinished memories becomes a game of spelling. While making and burning breakfast.
I and stickers.
Abstract.. ... do not enter symbol of beige and brown tile that my mother does not like.
The satisfaction of overeating at night and a hunger in the morning.....
Hang on I'm getting there she says.
Why it says my inner exterior child. why.
Why do you not know how to spell rhinoceros cause an elephant never forgets.
And the Lion of old age has eaten the meat of the pig of the morning. not use the pig the very big pig
We are packing to go this morning but I forgot.
To grease the heat to alleviate the burning of the meat
And the eggs of beginning.
This is the weekend edition of NPR news of Irish drunken.
Anticipation of forgotten unfinished memories.
Connecting Iowans statewide this is news. citizens of countries unknown and I remembered .
The science why we laugh.
. I ponder on editing my censorship.